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International Reputation Building

Martha Hooper brings a multi-disciplinary range of international reputation building services gained through decades on both the client side and agency side.  Her leadership is supported by her:
– MBA equivalent experience in all aspects of business and the marketing process
– Team leadership and people management successes and innovations
– Client side and agency experience and perspectives
– Diverse portfolio of assignments, projects, campaigns in broad range of products and services
– Expertise in IT public affairs, media campaigns, corporate social responsibility
– Extensive track record in professional services marketing, communications, business development
Hooper Consulting International, an American company with offices in Istanbul, Turkey, offers advisory services and programs in:
  • International awards program management
  • Marketing
  • Corporate communications
  • International public relations
  • International media relations
  • Market research
  • Product and service development
  • Cross cultural team relations

Hooper offers a unique and special consultancy in international awards, based on her proprietary database of international awards organizations by sector, discipline, practice area, geography and more:


·Select categories

·Gather information from the client through face-to-face meetings

·Select multiple categories for the programs and position the programs to fit the categories

·Study the judges who will review the entries

·Review the past winning entries in the chosen categories

·Develop an “angle” for each program, with variations for each category

·Create compelling narratives to win the hearts of the judges

·Carefully follow the complex instructions for each entry

·Manage the administration of the entry submission

·Recommend creative tactics to leverage the wins through internal communications and/or media features




Martha Hooper, who has successfully represented the Stevie Awards in Turkey the past several years, also represents the Stevies in a number of central, southern and Mediterranean European countries, including Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. She is also the Stevies representative for Mexico and Chile.  

She is available to help Stevie Awards entrants in all of these nations to prepare and submit their nominations to the Stevies’ international awards programs…