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Case Studies


A major tire company was hit hard by the Asian Economic Crisis in the mid 1990s, suffering a major decline in sales resulting from a severe turn down of auto sales.  Hooper convened a group of managers and executives from a wide range of departments within and outside the company.  She facilitated an intense and innovative Creative Problem Solving session using dozens of anonymous and group activities.

Result:  A new source of sales and income requiring absolutely no investment.  Hooper participated in strategy formulation and spearheaded its execution.


When asked to create international awareness by a major Turkish telephone company, appealing to Investor Relations, domestic Marketing, Business Development, and Corporate Communications alike, Hooper devised a strategy for international awards.

Result:  Within five months, the company won 11 top global awards in a variety of areas, ranging from product development to corporate social responsibility and environmental initiatives to CEO of the year, firmly placing the company in the top international business community.


A newly repositioned IT strategy consultancy wished to enter the Turkish market with a global advertising campaign.  Knowing that Turkish executives typically do not purchase new products from advertisements, Hooper developed a public and corporate relations program designed to appeal to consumers, who would drive demand for Turkish companies to avail themselves of the services of the IT strategy consultancy.  She also leveraged global thought leadership by localizing it with market research and creating magazine features with local Turkish executives.  Above all, the program was centered on business development.

Result:  Several million dollars of billings were generated from the top Turkish holding companies, top telecommunications company and cable television provider in less than half a year.